Bundling Insurance: A Holistic Approach to Helping Clients Manage Risk

To best serve clients, you know it’s important to dig deep and understand their true needs. The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) recommends implementing a needs-based selling process for each individual client, highlighting three specific steps: collect all important information about the client, implement this data into a needs analysis program to determine their requirements and provide your professional recommendation, unique to the client’s needs (1).

When you take this holistic approach, you take into account the impact that sickness or disability could have on the lives of your clients as well as their loved ones. Your recommendations may therefore include a combination of life insurance, critical illness and disability coverage. When you find yourself recommending more than one product solution, consider combining them into one bundle.

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The Vaping Debate Continues

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have caused quite the stir for the couple of decades that they have been in existence. In fact, there has been no end to debate on whether they are a healthy and risk-free alternative to smoking tobacco versus whether they are detrimental to health and will eventually lead to the cancer and heart disease that we typically associate with long-term smoking. Continue reading “The Vaping Debate Continues”

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Content is King

In our new digital information era, traditional marketing has been turned on it’s head. People have been empowered by mobile devices and the internet to find their own answers online. Traditional advertising has become less and less effective as a result, and it’s forcing us to think creatively about how we reach out to clients. Continue reading “Content is King”

Policy Transfers: The Importance of Planning in Advance

If your client owns a business and is looking at purchasing life insurance, it may be beneficial to have their holding company own the policy, rather than the operating company. Transfers of a life insurance policy from an operating company can result in stiff tax penalties.

So how can your client avoid these types of tax complications? Careful planning in advance is the key.

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The Importance of Corporate Insurance for Your Client

If your client owns their own business, incorporation is a must since corporate structures have significant benefits such as limited liability, continuity of the business, easier access to capital, lower income tax rates with small business tax deductions and a potential tax deferral.

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