COVID-19 Phobia – The Impact of Fear

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has elicited widespread anxiety and fear, and although both are a normal part of the human experience, these emotions have caused many of us, including your clients, to change behaviour and decision-making regarding health. In fact, many of your clients who were once quite vigilant about their own health may now be feeling anxious about visiting their doctor or a hospital if they are unwell. Continue reading “COVID-19 Phobia – The Impact of Fear”

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COVID-19 Phobia and the Impact of Fear

How a Spousal RRSP Can Benefit Your Client

A spousal* RRSP is exactly what it appears to be, quite simply a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) for a spouse; a plan that can not only help your client and their spouse set aside funds for their retirement, but can save them some tax dollars in the process. The general idea of the spousal RRSP is that one person, typically the higher earner, contributes money to the plan on behalf of their spouse. The main benefit for your client is that a contribution can be made each year (subject to your client’s contribution limit) and their spouse will see a tax-free return until those assets are withdrawn. Continue reading “How a Spousal RRSP Can Benefit Your Client”

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The ABCs of Spousal RRSPs

SMART TALK…about living benefits

Injury or illness can happen to anyone, including your clients. Help your clients understand the importance of living benefits, specifically critical illness and disability insurance, and how it can help them pay their bills and provide them with peace of mind when they can no longer generate an income. Continue reading “SMART TALK…about living benefits”

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SMART TALK...about living benefits

Getting Documents Signed Remotely: eSignatures

Over the last few decades, everything in our life has been moving onto a digital platform, from navigation and communication to banking and investing. Life Insurance has been fairly resistant to these trends. Necessity, however, is the mother of all invention. Continue reading “Getting Documents Signed Remotely: eSignatures”

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How do I Sign Something During a Pandemic?

Transferring Life Insurance – What You Need to Know!

While it’s best to avoid the need to transfer life insurance to an individual or corporation – along with the resulting tax consequences – it’s not always possible to foresee every future circumstance. There can be times when a transfer just needs to be done. Continue reading “Transferring Life Insurance – What You Need to Know!”

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What You Should Know Before You Transfer Life Insurance