The Importance of Insurance Reviews – Things Your Client Should Consider

Did you know that September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month? The perfect time to reach out to prospects and clients to evaluate what insurance they have in place and if it still meets their needs.

A good place to start is to assess your client’s current situation. Your client has different needs at different stages in their life, so good questions to review with them include: Continue reading “The Importance of Insurance Reviews – Things Your Client Should Consider”

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The Importance of Insurance Reviews – Things to Consider

Assuris Announces Higher Levels of Policyholder Protection

Did you know that Assuris is to the insurance industry what the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) is to the banking industry?

About Assuris

Founded in 1990, Assuris is the independent not-for-profit organization that protects Canadian policyholders if their life and health insurance company fails. Backed by the strength of the life and health insurance industry, Assuris provides a safety net for every Canadian policyholder. Every insurance company authorized to sell life and health insurance policies in Canada is required, by the federal, provincial, and territorial regulators, to be a member of Assuris.

Where OSFI’s stringent regulations are the first line of defence to prevent insurance companies from facing bankruptcy, Assuris offers a second line of defence so that if ever necessary, they will facilitate the transfer of in force policies to a solvent insurer and as needed, provide financial protection. Continue reading “Assuris Announces Higher Levels of Policyholder Protection”

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Canadian Financial Services Consumer Protection

INFOclip: Building Lifetime Protection

Household bills, mortgage payments, car loans and education savings are just some of the ongoing monthly expenses that depend on your client’s ability to earn an income. But what would happen when they passed away – what financial options do they have to protect their family’s short-term and long-term obligations?

As an Advisor, you know that a solution worth considering is life insurance. However, with so many insurance options available, which one is right for your clients and their families? And how can your clients ensure that an insurance solution will fit their family’s budget today and still meet their needs well into the future? Well, they have options.

Watch this video, about an insurance strategy for building a lifetime of protection designed to ensure your clients’ financial stability for today and for all of their tomorrows. Share it with your clients to help them learn more about their insurance options and designing insurance plans to best suit their needs and the needs of their families today, and well into the future. Continue reading “INFOclip: Building Lifetime Protection”

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INFOclip: Building Lifetime Protection

Do Younger Canadians Need Insurance?

In recent years, the COVID pandemic has brought our mortality into sharp focus, compelling us to confront the uncertain and often-unpredictable nature of life. Indeed, this uncertain time has made all of us wonder about the prospect and impact of death, regardless of age or circumstance.

Unfortunately, this period has also highlighted that nobody is too young to consider life insurance. The reasons why one may consider life insurance are diverse, ranging from important milestones like getting married, or having children, and buying a first home, or to simply securing a family’s income and future insurability. Here are a few reasons for your clients to consider life insurance… at any age. Continue reading “Do Younger Canadians Need Insurance?”

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Do Younger Canadians Need Insurance?

Disability Insurance: Is Employee Coverage Enough?

“I have coverage at work”. This is oftentimes a client’s response when individual disability insurance is mentioned or suggested. There is no question that group Long Term Disability (LTD) is a valuable benefit to have, and certainly better than no coverage at all, but it may not completely solve the critical issue of income replacement or be a sufficient safety net.

Unfortunately, people become ill and accidents happen. And when illness or accident does strike, it tends to be unwanted, unexpected and unwelcome. The most unfortunate part being that most people are completely unprepared for the financial setback that a disability can cause, leaving them without the income they need to support themselves and their family.

Here are a few things for your client to consider when weighing additional disability coverage: Continue reading “Disability Insurance: Is Employee Coverage Enough?”

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Disability Insurance: Is Your Employee Coverage Enough?

Learning From Experience: Rimba’s Story

Family traditions can make for great stories, particularly when everyone gathers and recalls the birth of a tradition and the events that have kept it alive. In this installment of ‘Learning from Experience’, what could have been an inconsequential find, became a beloved family heirloom that sparked a decades-long tradition and a treasure trove of fond memories. Proper planning has poised the family tradition to live on for generations to come. Continue reading “Learning From Experience: Rimba’s Story”

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Learning From Experience: Rimba’s Story

What To Do If Your Client is Declined, Rated or Postponed for Insurance

We have all been there… after a great conversation with a client, you submit their insurance application only to find out a few weeks later that the application cannot be approved as submitted. Either there’s a rating for additional premium or the client is outright declined. Either way, it can be a tough pill for the client to swallow and accept; especially because they most likely perceive themselves as completely “healthy”, regardless of the medications they may be taking.

So, what can you do to avoid these types of disappointments, or to help them out when no one could have seen it coming? Continue reading “What To Do If Your Client is Declined, Rated or Postponed for Insurance”

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Avoid Underwriting Surprises!

The Best of Both Worlds in a TermPerm Blend

For the majority of families, life insurance needs will change over time. Typically, more coverage is required while your client’s family is still young and building their wealth, with a decreasing amount required as the family finances mature.

Most life insurance policies are designed to provide a level amount of coverage for the lifetime of the policy, making it challenging to fund the policy on an ongoing basis. However, if you’re considering the best overall solution for your client, the decision between term versus permanent insurance doesn’t have to be an either/or situation – your client can have both! Continue reading “The Best of Both Worlds in a TermPerm Blend”

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The Best of Both Worlds: Term and Perm Insurance

CIDI: Enhancing Your Client’s Benefit Package

As an Advisor, you probably get this question all of the time: which is more important, disability or critical illness insurance? But as an Advisor, you also know that both types of insurance can be equally important and most clients should have both in their insurance portfolio.

Disability insurance (DI), whether part of a group plan or even as a stand-alone policy, generally will not cover a client’s full income. This is a concern since out-of-pocket expenses typically increase anytime something medically prevents people from working for an extended period of time. Likewise, any additional supplemental costs may only partially be covered by your client’s health insurance – depending on their coverage. Your client could be faced with a shortfall even with full disability coverage; this is where critical illness (CI) can help fill the gap.

Medical expenses currently rank as the number three cause of bankruptcy in Canada. Despite this, CI sales continue to get outpaced by life insurance quite dramatically in Canada. In fact, in 2022, only 8% of insurance applications were for critical illness insurance.

This gap signifies an opportunity for you, the Advisor. Below are some typical concerns that your client may express and how to address them when discussing the prospect of bundling CI with a DI policy: Continue reading “CIDI: Enhancing Your Client’s Benefit Package”

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Enhancing Your Benefits with Critical Illness and Disability Insurance