Acting on Values: A Blueprint for Advisors in the Family Market

Values form the bedrock of a compelling marketing plan. By amplifying your values, you attract clients seeking advice from someone who shares their principles and beliefs. When clients see themselves reflected in your values, they are more likely to entrust you with their financial well-being. Prioritizing your values allows you to foster deeper connections and form long-lasting partnerships.

In a world where financial decisions can have profound implications, strategies rooted in values are not only ethical but also sustainable. Values serve as reference points, guiding our decisions and ensuring that our actions align with what we hold dear. When our strategies respect our values, they gain meaning and relevance, fostering trust and loyalty among clients and team members alike. But how do you know if you’ve uncovered your core values? Continue reading “Acting on Values: A Blueprint for Advisors in the Family Market”

The AmpLiFi Experience

Did you know that as an Advisor with PPI, you can qualify for access to AmpLiFi, our all-in-one cloud-based sales enablement platform that helps you quote, generate leads, manage in-force business and ultimately, close more deals?

Part of PPI’s Stratosphere digital suite of tools, AmpLiFi helps guide you and your client through the sales process. When you share a Your Link Between article, your reader can click the ‘request a quote’ button, launching the AmpLifi experience — which assists with needs analysis, quoting and helps to close the deal —this tool can take you and your client from start to finish seamlessly and elevate your practice to a new level. Continue reading “The AmpLiFi Experience”

What’s Your Why

It’s hard to imagine an industry that has a greater positive influence in society than ours. You as an Advisor truly make a difference – you are there to help your clients when they are going through their most difficult moments. In spite of this, there remains a perception that an Advisor’s focus can be to make a commission. However, if you’ve managed a claim on behalf of a client, you know how unfair that idea can be. It is also not reflective of the genuine value Advisors provide to Canadians every single day.

At its core, “what” you do is really quite simple: you provide access to insurance planning, as well as potential investment and financial planning, to your prospects and clients. That’s important for sure, but is it emotionally compelling? Most people would say that it’s not. However, the reasons “why” people go through the financial planning process are often rooted in love, compassion and consideration and that is the truly compelling part. Yet, sometimes Advisors focus on the “what”, rather than the “why”. If asked about the role, it can be difficult to articulate the value you bring in an emotionally compelling way – even after years of being successful in the business. Continue reading “What’s Your Why”

Advisor Best Practices

As an Advisor, you want to run, grow and elevate your practice in the best ways possible. But where do you start?

From business building and how to market yourself to delivering engaging advice and expanding your technical knowledge, Sun Life has compiled a series of Advisor best practices to help you be the best that you can be and excel in your practice on all levels. Continue reading “Advisor Best Practices”

Social Media Platforms – Social Media For Your Business – An 8 Step Plan

As an Advisor, your business is important to you, and you would like to promote it on social media. But there are so many things to consider, where do you even start? We have got you covered with a plan to help get you started on social media. From knowing your market to tips on how to set up a social media profile, this 8-step plan will help you and your business get noticed! Continue reading “Social Media Platforms – Social Media For Your Business – An 8 Step Plan”

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Social Media For Your Business – An 8 Step Plan

Is Social Media Right for Me? A Few Things to Consider

You own your own practice and would like to spread the good word about your excellent services and level of expertise. Great idea! If you’re not already on social media, have you considered it as way to promote your business? A fast, effective and free way to show your prospects and current clients who you are, social media can help you connect and build those long-lasting relationships. And in this line of business…. it is all about those Advisor-client relationships.

But is social media right for you and your practice? There are certainly a few things to consider… Continue reading “Is Social Media Right for Me? A Few Things to Consider”

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Is Social Media Right for Me? A Few Things to Consider

Social Media Platforms – What You Need to Know

You’re a successful Advisor but want to promote and continue to grow your business online – smart move, count us in! However, there are just so many social media platforms, how do you know which one is right for you and your business?

There are indeed more than a few and they’re all slightly different, but all are excellent modern marketing tools and with a little research, you can decide which one (or two or three!) are a good fit for you and your brand.

Recently, LIMRA published a study asking Generation Y (also called millennials) who they engage for financial advice. They found that 90% of those surveyed said that they would NOT seek financial advice from their parents’ Advisors because they “are not relevant” (1). Ouch. But what does it mean to be “relevant”? Well, if you want to reach the next generation of wealth, you need to meet them where they are – and that place is on social media. Continue reading “Social Media Platforms – What You Need to Know”

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Social Media Platforms – What You Need to Know

Building Connections Through Direct Response Marketing… More Than Just Social Media

Today, it’s no longer about those old, templated letters or phone dialing campaigns that… let’s be honest… were highly time consuming and largely ineffective in getting the attention of your clients. Social media has changed the way we promote and do business – all with better results at a fraction of the cost. So, why should you join the social media party and how can you make an impact through direct response marketing? Continue reading “Building Connections Through Direct Response Marketing… More Than Just Social Media”

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Building Connections Through Direct Response Marketing… More than just Social Media

Referrals: A Critical Part of Your Growth Strategy

There is a quote made famous by American author William S. Burroughs that says, “When you stop growing, you start dying.” While the idea behind this might apply to many aspects of life, it’s perhaps especially relevant when framed within the context of the insurance industry.

Each advisor is unique. Varying skill sets, approaches in process and attitudes allow each of you to build a practice that fits you. However, there are certain practices that are utilized by almost all top successful advisors, one of the most important of these being the implementation of an effective referral process.

Most advisors would agree that finding new clients is one of the more challenging aspects of this business. Simply finding someone who is prepared to have a discussion can prove difficult. Coupled with DNC (Do Not Call) constraints, privacy restrictions and even just the social stigma surrounding the insurance industry, it is sometimes a wonder how an advisor can grow their business at all. What is so striking is that many advisors work so hard to secure a new client, but then fail to utilize that relationship to allow for new clients to follow with much less effort.

When it comes to referrals, most advisors have concerns. In fact, many feel that asking for referrals makes their client feel uneasy. It can also make an advisor feel like a bit of a salesperson and that utilizing this approach might damage the new relationship with their client. An advisor doesn’t want to do anything that may impact the trusted relationship you are building. All understandable and valid concerns. The idea of pulling out a pen and paper and asking your new client for a few names of people that you can approach for a new sale can indeed feel aggressive. We want to treat the client with dignity and respect, and this type of old school approach is not always ideal – so, what’s an advisor to do? Continue reading “Referrals: A Critical Part of Your Growth Strategy”

How to Build Your Online Social Network

We live in a new world – COVID-19 has forced many of us to think about how we connect with others and find new ways to engage with family, friends, co-workers and clients. Undeniably, the digital era is now upon us and finding success may be the difference between embracing technology versus thwarting it.

As an advisor, it’s crucial for you to have and maintain an active online presence in order to promote your business and showcase who you are and what you stand for. But how do you build the RIGHT network of followers – that ideal group of clients who are interested in what you have to offer and are willing to engage with you? Here are a few guiding principles to keep in mind: Continue reading “How to Build Your Online Social Network”

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How to Build a Strong Social Media Network