Help your clients build their financial future with these tools. Share these with your clients, or walk them through the tools in person.

The Loan Calculator

Debt. It’s stressful for everyone and nobody wants to carry it for any longer than they absolutely must. So how can you help your client lighten their debt load? Well, when it comes to debt-reduction, the old saying “every little bit counts” may just be the answer.

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The Ultimate Planning Tool

Permanent life insurance is often said to be the ultimate planning tool because it facilitates beneficial tax and estate planning opportunities and solutions throughout your client’s lifetime to provide them with peace of mind now and into their future. The earlier in life that your client’s permanent life insurance policy is purchased, the greater the impact it can have as a financial instrument.

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The Mortgage Calculator

Home ownership allows your client to build wealth and add to their financial security. Use this Mortgage Calculator or share it with your client to help them figure out payments and keep their budget on track – it’s so easy to use!

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Capital Required for Income

The age-old question when planning for retirement is ‘how much do I need to save’. This calculator gives your clients a simple idea of how much capital they’ll need for retirement.

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CPP Benefits – Early or Later

Have your clients ever wondered what the net impact would be on their CPP Benefits depending on when they choose to start withdrawing? Try out this simple calculator to compare the impact on their pension.

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Passive Investment Income Calculator

The 2018 Federal Budget introduced new rules that can reduce the amount of the small business deduction available for active income earned in a corporation. Share this tool with your clients to help them understand the impact of these changes on their business.

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Life Insurance Comparison

This table shows how hybrid insurance brings together the best from today’s insurance landscape in an entirely new way.

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