The Importance of Insurance Reviews – Things Your Client Should Consider

Did you know that September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month? The perfect time to reach out to prospects and clients to evaluate what insurance they have in place and if it still meets their needs.

A good place to start is to assess your client’s current situation. Your client has different needs at different stages in their life, so good questions to review with them include:

  • How has life changed since you purchased your coverage, or since we last reviewed your insurance: Find out about mortgages, new loans, job or income changes, education funds, retirement plans and other financial obligations so they can be sure they have the coverage they need.
  • Has the nature of your needs changed: They may require a similar coverage amount as when they first purchased their plan, but their obligations may have shifted from temporary to permanent. A change of plan may be appropriate.
  • Have you done any will planning: What are your hopes and dreams for your heirs: There may be an insurance need associated with the smooth distribution of their estate.

Regardless of your client’s life insurance needs, they have options. So, as it gets chillier outside and we prepare for the long, cold Canadian winter ahead, take some time today to reach out and ensure that your clients have the insurance coverage they need today and into the future.

Share the client article so that, in honour of life insurance awareness month, your prospects and clients can ask themselves a few good insurance related questions.

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The Importance of Insurance Reviews – Things to Consider