INFOclip: Building Lifetime Protection

Household bills, mortgage payments, car loans and education savings are just some of the ongoing monthly expenses that depend on your client’s ability to earn an income. But what would happen when they passed away – what financial options do they have to protect their family’s short-term and long-term obligations?

As an Advisor, you know that a solution worth considering is life insurance. However, with so many insurance options available, which one is right for your clients and their families? And how can your clients ensure that an insurance solution will fit their family’s budget today and still meet their needs well into the future? Well, they have options.

Watch this video, about an insurance strategy for building a lifetime of protection designed to ensure your clients’ financial stability for today and for all of their tomorrows. Share it with your clients to help them learn more about their insurance options and designing insurance plans to best suit their needs and the needs of their families today, and well into the future.

For more information on the insurance solutions available to your client, share Exploring Your Client’s Life Insurance Options and SMART TALK… about your insurance options, part of our SMART TALK video series. Your client can also use our The Ultimate Planning Tool and watch INFOclip: Protecting Your Estate to see how permanent life insurance can facilitate beneficial tax and estate planning solutions throughout their lifetime.

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INFOclip: Building Lifetime Protection