Learning From Experience: Rimba’s Story

Family traditions can make for great stories, particularly when everyone gathers and recalls the birth of a tradition and the events that have kept it alive. In this installment of ‘Learning from Experience’, what could have been an inconsequential find, became a beloved family heirloom that sparked a decades-long tradition and a treasure trove of fond memories. Proper planning has poised the family tradition to live on for generations to come.

Share Rimba’s story with your clients to get them thinking ahead to the distribution of their own family heirlooms and valuables like digital assets, antiques, gems, and artwork. Whether their assets have sentimental value, or great financial value leading to conversations about estate equalization, Rimba’s story may get them thinking beyond the obvious when it comes to planning for the future.

For more information on planning for the preservation and transfer of assets, watch our short videos: INFOclip: Protecting Your Estate, SMART Talk… about digital assets, and SMART Talk… about will planning and drafting

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Learning From Experience: Rimba’s Story