Learning From Experience: The Carte’s Story

Sometimes a story with a not-so-happy ending leaves readers wanting more, as in this installment of ‘Learning From Experience’. Readers will likely want to know how the siblings faired after they settled their issues, or even wish they could turn back time to encourage their parents to better plan for the peaceful transfer of the family legacy.

As their Advisor, you play a pivotal role in encouraging your clients to plan ahead wisely and intentionally so they can ease, rather than contribute to, the toll of their passing. And you can never overemphasize the importance of proper estate planning.

Read, and share the Carte’s story with your clients to help them understand and remember the wisdom in communicating with their heirs about estate plans and the value of exploring options to cover taxes so their legacy remains intact and can transfer harmoniously to the next generation.

For more information on communicating with heirs and planning for the transfer of an estate, watch our short video: INFOclip: Protecting Your Estate.

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Learning From Experience: The Carte’s Story