Learning From Experience: Bett’s Story

Everyone loves a story with a happy ending, even if it’s rife with tragedy and family drama. But happy ending or not, if somewhere in the story, a loved one is lost, we see the toll the loss can take on the relationships of family survivors. True in fiction. True in life.

You play a pivotal role in encouraging your clients to plan ahead wisely and intentionally so they can ease rather than contribute to the toll their passing will take on the relationships of those they love. And you can never overemphasize the importance of proper estate planning.

Share Bett’s story with your clients to help them understand and remember the importance of documenting and communicating their final intentions. 

For more information on estate planning and documenting final intentions, watch our short video SMART TALK… about will planning and drafting and read our previous post The Beneficiary Challenge.

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Learning From Experience: Bett’s Story