INFOclip: Understanding Term Insurance

You know how important insurance is for your clients – it offers them a sense of security knowing their financial obligations are met in the event of a disability, illness or even death. But are your clients aware about the many benefits of term insurance for today and their tomorrows?

We’ve created this little video for you to share with your clients. It covers all the basics of term insurance and is a great place to initiate a conversation with your clients about how term insurance not only helps to cover short term expenses such a mortgage, a child’s education or income replacement, but can also be a great source of security into the future, as financial obligations become a wee bit more complicated.

So be sure to watch this video, then share it with your clients to kick-start those important conversations!

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And if you have any questions about term insurance (or any other life insurance solutions!), be sure to contact your local PPI office.

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INFOclip: Understanding Term Insurance