The Most Common Misconceptions of Life Insurance

If your client is purchasing life insurance for the first time, they may have many unanswered questions. For example, they may be wondering about the types of life insurance available to them, and how much coverage they need to protect their families financially. This article will help answer some of their questions, as well as give them various aspects of life insurance to think about before and after they have made this important purchase. Ultimately, it will address five common misconceptions about life insurance that clients may have when purchasing it for the first time.

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Five Common Misconceptions When Purchasing Life Insurance

But My Doctor Says I’m Fine

Sometimes, medical tests done for underwriting purposes point to a potential health or mortality concern, even when the client has received a clean bill of health from their attending physician. This can result in the client being offered a ‘rated’ life insurance policy or being categorically declined coverage altogether even though the client reports, “But my doctor says I’m fine!” Continue reading “But My Doctor Says I’m Fine”

Help Clients with a Crash Course in Life Insurance

Although the answers to basic life insurance questions may be clear to us, some clients will appreciate a simple explanation of what it all means. Helping your client gain a better understanding of what life insurance is can be a great way to start a conversation about why it is so important.

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Stress Less About Your Future with Life Insurance

The Successful Advisor’s Secret Weapon

Bringing the right blend of expertise and creativity to earn the opportunity to put your client’s insurance plan together is half your challenge. The other half is knowing who to have on your team to help you make a good insurance plan even better. Your secret weapon: advanced underwriting experts who help you move your large cases from access to assessment to advice. Underwriting impacts the sale and having sound advice will help get you and your client to a great solution faster.

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Fall in love with these income splitting tips for your client and their spouse

Do you have clients looking to make the most of their savings in retirement with their married or common-law spouse? The trick here is not knowing to save, but knowing how to save. Which accounts make sense?

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Fall in love with these income splitting tips for you and your spouse

Binges, Blackouts, and the Risky Drinker

Alcohol use varies greatly among insurance applicants as does the impact on health and mortality. In North America, almost 100,000 deaths annually are attributed to alcohol and the cost is in excess of $250 billion*. How much is too much is a perennial question and current thinking pegs healthy drinking at less than 14 drinks per week and less than 4 drinks in a single day. For women and adults 65 and older, 7 drinks per week and no more than 3 a day are recommended.

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A Toast to Healthier Living