Explain How Insurance Delivers Both Security and Opportunity to Business Owners

As a business owner, insurance can provide not only protection, but also opportunity when it comes to growing one’s business. Life insurance policies can protect shareholders and their family members, the corporation itself, and key persons to the business. And, it can also enhance the cash flow to the corporation by assigning the policy as collateral for a loan.

As an advisor who runs your own practice, you are likely aware of how this works. But do your clients who are business owners need a little help in learning more about their options? Do they have a shareholders’ agreement, key person insurance, or understand how corporate insurance can be used tax effectively to benefit a charity?

Here’s a client article that helps explain how business owners can utilize insurance to provide both opportunity and security while building their assets in a tax-effective way for their retirement or estate plan.

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How Insurance Provides Security - and Opportunity - for your Business