The Greatest Hits: Your Client’s Top 4 Insurance Tools

Insurance options, estate planning and retirement income… we’re revisiting our top 4 tools! Go ahead and share these with your prospects and clients to help them better understand their insurance options and guide their financial course in the year to come.

1. The Ultimate Planning Tool

If your client is considering insurance, this tool will show them the benefits of permanent insurance and how it can be flexible enough to service a lifetime of changing priorities and needs.

Be sure to share this client-friendly tool!

2. Exploring Your Client’s Life Insurance Options

If you would like your client to have a basic understanding of their life insurance options, here’s the 101. Term, Universal Life, Whole Life – share this tool with your client to help them grasp the fundamentals of temporary versus permanent life insurance.

Be sure to share this client-friendly tool!

3. Insuring Your Client’s Greatest Asset with Disability Insurance

What’s your client’s greatest asset? Homes, cars are the most common answers, but it is your client’s  earning power that has the biggest impact on their financial well-being. Share this tool to illuminate how disability insurance can protect your client’s earning power during times of uncertainty.

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4. Strengthening Your Client’s Safety Net with Critical Illness Insurance

Risks are an inevitable part of life, but what is the likelihood of some commonly known risks occurring in your client’s lifetime? Share this quiz with your client to help them find out.

Be sure to share this client-friendly tool!

If you’re interested in more valuable tools, visit the Tools section of PPI’s Advisor Talk for the full tools library. And if you would like to know more about any of the topics above, feel free to contact your local PPI Collaboration Centre.

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The Greatest Hits: Your Top 4 Financial Tools