The Greatest Hits: Your Client’s Top 3 Videos

Did you know that videos are one of the most effective (and effortless) ways to share valuable content with your clients and prospects? A simple introductory sentence and an informative video can initiate fresh client connections.

This year, we had a few great video hits, all available for you to share with your clients. With topics from mortgage protection to the value of professional advice, we’ve rounded up the top three videos.

Roll ‘em…

1. INFOclip: Mortgage Protection

The mortgage insurance your clients’ lenders are offering and the individual insurance plans you can offer them are almost nothing alike – especially in the ways that matter to your clients and their families. Show them the individual coverage advantages.

Be sure to share this client-friendly video!

2. SMART TALK… about choosing the right insurance

There are so many categories and variations of insurance – what is the best way for you to convey all of this valuable information to an interested prospect or client? Share this popular and informative video to start that important conversation.

Be sure to share this client-friendly video!

3. INFOclip: The Value of Advice

You are a wealth of information, a pro! As a professional Advisor, you’re in the primary position to offer your prospects and clients the best information regarding their financial future. This video outlines the many benefits of working with a professional Advisor like YOU to enhance their financial wellness, providing security and peace of mind.

Be sure to share this client-friendly video!

For more video content that you can share with your clients, have a look at our client-friendly blog The Link Between. You can also sign up for Your Link Between to share client-friendly articles via your own custom-branded website – trust us, it’s a game changer!

And if you would like to know more about any of the topics above, feel free to contact your local PPI Collaboration Centre.

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