The Greatest Hits: Your Clients’ Top 3 Insurance Blogs

The results are in! We found the top 3 insurance-related articles preferred by your clients in 2021. Check out these articles below and consider sharing them with your new clients and prospects.

Estate Protection for your Client

Your client has worked hard all their life and they’ve saved a few dollars. However, how can they protect their assets from the inevitable tax liability upon death?

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Critical Illness Insurance – Financial Protection for Your Client

Critical illness insurance is still one of the most important protection products on the market today. Not only does it financially protect your client during an unexpected illness, it also offers a return of premium option. That’s a win-win!

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Love and Money

Love is a wonderful thing, but sometimes financial worries can get in the way. Here are a few tips to share with your clients to keep their pocketbooks full and the love lights burning.

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If you would like to learn more about these topics, please contact your local PPI office – we are here to help you grow your business!

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The Greatest Hits: Your Top Insurance Blogs