How Smart Computing Protected an Advisor’s Business and His Clients

A Case Study

Josh is an insurance advisor who has built a successful practice over the past 30 years. He is trusted in the industry and has helped many clients build successful, and in some cases very complex, financial plans.

His practice is run by a staff of two administrators and an office manager. Josh has a robust compliance regime in place and one of its components is strict maintenance of the privacy, security and backup of client information. His clients have complete trust in him to keep their data secure and he is aware that the costs of losing that data could mean heavy fines and the loss of his clients’ trust or his business altogether! A simple virus getting in from an email could mean a major breach. To ensure he built a top-notch secure computing environment, he hired a third-party service that specializes in data security in the financial industry. He purchased computer equipment from them and relied on them for all his technical support. Having a secure computing environment   allowed him to provide his clients with added confidence that they are working with a trusted, competent advisor.

The Situation

Late one Friday evening, Josh received a call that his office had been broken into and all his computers were stolen. This caused Josh to panic as he had an important meeting with a top client Monday morning and while his laptop was safe at home, he needed information that was stored on his Admin’s computer at the office. Even though it was 2:00 AM on a Saturday morning, he immediately called the 24/7 third-party data security service he had hired to inform them of the situation. Within minutes, Josh’s panic was transformed to relief. The data security company knew exactly what to do.  Through their computer security monitoring system, they assured him that his practice’s data was backed up, and that he could securely access it from the cloud on any device. Additionally, the computers he had purchased from them had military-grade encryption and they confirmed on their monitoring consoles that all the security measures and encryption were in place, so the thieves would not be able to access the hard drives – his client data was protected. And finally, they would send new computers over to his office, fully built with his up-to-date data on it within 48 hours.

At 8:30 on Monday morning, the staff arrived to a computer-less office and an announcement from Josh about what happened. By 11:00 a.m., the new computers arrived and the staff were back up and running within an hour. At this point, Josh felt an astounding amount of relief and was ecstatic that he had made the right decision to hire a professional data security company to secure his business. Had he not done so, the consequences would have been a much longer downtime, high levels of stress for Josh, as well as the loss of production, confidential data, and the trust of his clients. Most importantly, because his computers were professionally secured and monitored constantly to ensure that security, there was no need to advise his clients their highly sensitive personal information may have been lost.  Josh was assured there was no way for anyone to access the data, and his data security service even insured him if there ever was an actual loss. With minimal inconvenience, his practice was back to business as usual quickly. Josh was well prepared for his important client meeting which he was able to work on over the weekend worry-free, thanks to his data security company. The investment Josh made in building a smart computing system was worth it.


Make data security a priority in securing the success of your business. Problems arise and when they do, you’ll want to make sure you and your business will function without serious consequences. Build a robust computing environment that includes the following features that will give you that peace of mind and empowerment to keep your business running strong when disaster pays a visit.

  • Security and Data Protection – have your data stored only on encrypted devices to help you meet compliance requirements and know with confidence that your information is secure
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – have daily secure backups to keep your data safe and accessible in the event of a disaster; when you’re on the move, access your data securely via the web
  • Powerful and Reliable Hardware – use computers with custom security configurations for you; ensure you have a plan that will replace lost or stolen machines within 48 hours with your up-to-date data
  • Technical Support – ensure you have access to technical help and emergency interventions, especially when you need it most

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