Help Family Enterprise Clients Avoid ‘Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves’

Running a family business has challenges that include head and heart issues which aren’t typically present in other businesses. However, the proverb about shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves – that family enterprises often fail by the third generation – does not need to be a reality for these families. Family enterprises can improve their chances of achieving intergenerational continuity by building their knowledge and skills – and by working with advisors who understand their unique needs and goals.

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Categories of Insurance – Explained for Your Client

There are many categories of insurance plans and various products available that can make the decision-making for your client perplexing, stressful, and difficult. It is in your, and your clients’, best interest to help them understand the basic types of insurance and guide them in choosing the best combination of coverage and payment options.

Share the client article below and accompanying short video that explains the difference between Term and Permanent life insurance and more about other categories of insurance such as Living Benefits, Critical Illness, Long Term Disability, and Long Term Care.

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Smart Talk About Choosing the Right Insurance