Much ado about Canada’s Health Care System

What can happen if a service, which is free for all, turns into a service free-for-all?

Our daily news is increasingly uncovering issues with the delivery of Canada’s free health care services. With average wait times for treatment of serious illnesses having more than doubled in the last 25 years*, ours is becoming an encumbered health care system. Our system is overburdening its care providers, hindering its ability to attract the best of the best in the industry, and in some cases, denying patients optimal medical outcomes.

The effect on clients

To be sure, Canadians find the wait times in emergency rooms frustrating and inconvenient. The consequences of the months-long wait times to get from General Practitioner to Specialist to treatment of serious illnesses are undeniably much more impactful. Without enough professional services to go around, many patients are left to navigate this system alone. Between the delays and the lack of services, the negative effects are obvious. Beyond the uncertainty and anxiety, patients’ health situations often worsen during long wait times. This results in lost productivity and wages, adverse effects on employers, and of course on the lives and lifestyles of the patients and their families. These effects can sometimes last far into the future.

Is there another way?

The obstacles to getting rapid access to world-class medical information and health care are numerous. These are not what a sick person should be dealing with, especially when all they want and need are peace of mind and someone with compassion and expertise to help them navigate quickly and confidently toward the best care available. Additionally, having someone managing, covering and paying all the bills is very helpful for a patient.

How you can help your clients

With triAccess, a health care product proprietary to PPI, all this is possible.

triAccess is an individually underwritten Personal Health Services Plan that:

  • Provides quick turnaround second medical opinions by WorldCare International Inc.
  • Arranges rapid access to, and coverage for, Specialist visits, diagnostic tests, surgery and treatment, anywhere in the world, and includes business class travel and accommodations for the insured and a companion

To learn more about triAccess for your clients, visit


*Fraser Institute – Waiting your turn 2018


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