Get Social Media Working for You

As a trusted advisor, do you enjoy working with families and helping them plan their financial security? Do you have marketing strategies to reach out and remain connected with them? Do you want to expand your business and reach a wider audience?

If you said yes, then you likely work hard at building your business and maintaining relationships that foster your continued success. You have the knowledge, competence, and desire to keep your clients’ best interests in mind. Your clients know this, and are happy about it, but . . . how do you get the rest of the world to know it too?

Social media – it works for you as much as you want it to. While it doesn’t replace your current marketing strategies, it can help enhance them. It’s a great place to introduce your brand and expertise with a wider circle of connections and keep you visible and in touch with the market you want to reach.

So, you’ve got a LinkedIn account but don’t know what to do with it? Polish up your profile so that you get noticed. Here are 10 tips to help you do just that: Top 10 Ways to Get the Most from your LinkedIn Profile.

Need some help setting up a Twitter account? Use these tips to get started in just minutes: Get Set Up on Twitter in 5 Easy Steps.

Now that you’ve got a polished LinkedIn and Twitter account, regularly share articles such as those found on and use them as a conversational tool. See who gets engaged and use that engagement as an opportunity to connect.

Stay active online and remain visible. Be the link between your client and their insurance solutions.

To learn more about LinkedIn or Twitter, visit the Twitter Help Center or LinkedIn Help Center.

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