What Your Clients Should Expect When they Apply for Insurance

Prepare for the future. Live in the moment. Our clients hear this advice all the time and wonder which makes more sense. Well, the answer to that is easy – if they prepare for the future, it makes living in the moment a lot easier to do.

Applying for insurance is one of those important tasks that can help your client plan for the future but it can be a little overwhelming for them. There are difficult decisions to make, a lot of questions to answer, paperwork, interviews, and medical tests. You can help make this process easier for them by letting them know what to expect.

Meet with your client to discuss which insurance product is best for their specific situation by providing them with several options and explain what the advantages and disadvantages are of each. Once they have decided which plan best meets their needs, help them understand what the next steps are: from the application to underwriting to policy issue. Educating them on what to expect can help them be better prepared before you submit their application and can ensure a quick and accurate process.

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What to Expect When you Apply for Insurance